Sports Massage

From recreational to elite athletes, sports massage is an ideal way to help your body perform its best. Sports-specific massage focuses on the muscles used most frequently during exercise and draws attention to other muscles that can contribute to muscle soreness or injury.

As training volume, and in turn repetitive movements, increases, our bodies often find  compensations for muscle strength or flexibility imbalances. Massage is very effective in both helping balance muscle tone, and keeping compensations from turning into injuries.

Massage effectively improves flexibility and range of motion, aids in muscle recovery, prevents and treats injuries. By stretching and broadening shortened muscles as well as increasing circulation to joints, both muscles and joints are able to move more freely. Creating space and increasing circulation in the muscles  allows more nutrients to get to the muscle and waste removed.

Specific massage breaks up scar tissue and adhesions that play a role in muscle tightness and soreness. In addition, massage can release tight muscles and painful trigger points in the muscle. Together, these techniques help the muscles recover quicker, stay healthy and more resilient to injury.