Efficient running form and technique are extremely important for the longevity of an active, running lifestyle.

My philosophy for both my massage practice and coaching is the same: our bodies are capable of and designed to accomplish extraordinary things.  Whether you’re new to the sport, would like to run but feel you’re “not built for it,” want to try running a race, or like running but don’t like the aches and pains you recurrently get, technique work can help you become efficient and less prone to injury. Including massage helps your body adapt to the new way it is moving and frees up possible restrictions to proper movement.

With over ten years’ experience as a competitive ultrarunner and five as a professional massage therapist, I offer coaching to help you develop a deeper awareness of your body and find your running potential, including training for a particular goal.

This July, I’ll be teaching technique classes to help you start the snow-free months with more body awareness and ideas for bringing more ease into your running. In addition, I offer private sessions and comprehensive coaching through Winthrop Fitness, that includes technique work and specific strength and running training to help you attain your goals.

Please check or contact me for more information.